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ISO 9001:2008


About Structural Machinery Solutions

About Kaltenbach

Structural Machinery Solutions, Inc. was created out of Kaltenbach, Inc. when Dave McCorry and Mike Drzewiecki teamed up in a 50:50 partnership to purchase Kaltenbach, Inc. from the erstwhile German parent group. (As a side-note to existing Kaltenbach customers: it's the same place, the same people, same telephone number and the same Kaltenbach sawing products – even the same Fed Tax ID # – just a different name!)  

So, why the new name? The extended company portfolio now includes machinery from several other manufacturers – not just Kaltenbach – so it was deemed appropriate to rename the company accordingly. 'Structural Machinery Solutions" more accurately reflects the products and services now offered.

Dave McCorry


"Mac" - a native of Scotland, but now a "born-again Hoosier" and US Citizen – joined Kaltenbach's UK operation in 1986, after spending 6 years in Germany working for the steel giant Krupp. He originally moved to Columbus, Indiana with his family in 1998, to become President of Kaltenbach, Inc. Mac literally "wrote the book" on sawing (McGraw-hill's 'Manufacturing Engineering Handbook' – chapter 32: Metal Sawing) and has a quarter century of hands-on experience in metal sawing and structural steel fabrication machinery. Mac can be contacted at ext. 16, or

Mike Drzewiecki

Vice President

Mike grew up in Chicago, but has lived for many years in Michigan. His 30+ years experience in the specification, supply and support of machine tools includes a heavy bias toward structural steel manufacturing machinery. The knowledge and expertise Mike has built up over years interconnecting with structural steel fabricators all over the US is literally second to none … and he is happy to share it. Leverage Mike's knowledge for your benefit: contact him at (810) 869-7450 or

Max Hotz

Service Manager

Max is a self-confessed "dyed-in-the-wool" Hoosier, with 28 years service under his belt. And Max writes SERVICE big: always willing to go the extra mile to help out customers. His advice is free – so feel free to contact him at ext. 22 or

Mike Stephens

Parts Manager

Mike originally hails from Kentucky, but has been based here in Indiana helping our customers throughout North America (and beyond, if necessary!) with parts and consumables for the past 26 years. If you're not sure what you need, chances are Mike does – at ext. 19 or

The entire SMS, Inc. team is ready, willing and able to answer your questions, help you find the correct solutions for your unique needs – and make sure it works for you in the field. Please call us with your metal sawing and structural steel fabricating machinery questions and needs at 1-800-TALK-SAW (825-5729) or

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