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Metal sawing machines are mostly called upon to chop up long stock lengths of material into various cut lengths.  There is, however, a subset of applications in which pre-bent parts need to be split and/or trimmed, such as in exhaust manufacture.  Likewise, gates or risers may need to be trimmed off castings before subsequent machining.  These applications make very specific demands on the sawing machine used, and certain machine features are required to make the job not only efficient, but also safe.

Kaltenbach – with its KKS (steel) and SKL (aluminum) upstroking circular saws has majored in these applications for decades, with several models designed specifically for the task, such as the KKS450R pictured here:  

Several machine features become necessary in this scenario: firstly, the clamping system must have sufficient stroke to create enough of a gap between cycles to easily remove the cut parts and insert the next part.  So a long-stroke clamping cylinder is essential.  Also, since there may be several different jobs to be handled by the same machine, it is customary to make fixtures on interchangeable base plates, which are bolted to the machine table.  To facilitate this, Kaltenbach machines can be supplied with a precision-drilled hole pattern in the table, so fixture plates can be rapidly and easily positioned to very fine tolerances.

Kaltenbach Circular Sawing Machines for “Fixtured” Jobs

In order to minimize non-productive time Kaltenbach machines incorporate an on-board PLC which allows the working lower and upper “trip-out” blade positions and the clamp relief stroke to be set electronically and, where applicable, to provide a slow entry to and exit from the cut, with higher feed in-between, using dynamic feed rate.

Safety is paramount and Kaltenbach offers a wide array of safety configurations, from interlocked safety hoods (standard), to dual-palm controls, safety fences and light curtains, etc., as well as bespoke solutions to meet customers’ own safety specifications. 

 Finally, not all applications can be handled by a standard machine.  Some require “specials” to be designed specifically for the application.  In these cases, Kaltenbach offers parts, ranging from gearbox only through gearbox and drive system, gearbox drive and hydraulics – right up to “full under-table equipment” packages, around which a special machine can be designed and built.  3-D drawings of these items are available to assist the designer.

The video clip below shows a Kaltenbach KKS450R machine, fitted with simple upper and lower form jaws, cutting two 2” diameter stainless steel exhaust tubes in about 6 seconds, underlining the old adage in sawing: if we can clamp it fast, we can cut it fast.

The nature of “fixtured” jobs generally dictates some form of special camping – whether form jaws, or specially designed fixtures – to effectively clamp and correctly orientate the part while it is being cut.  In many cases the part to be cut must be inserted over the top of a lower fixture, then clamped with a corresponding upper fixture.  This is often the case on thin-wall round tube – as well as complex castings.

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