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Saw Blade DiameterDimensions Round Solid 90°Square Solid 90°

10 to 14 in

59 x 47 x 80 in3-3/4 in3-1/2 in

10 to 14-1/2 in

57 x 45 x 75 in4-1/2 in4 in

10 to 14 in

84 x 47 x 80 in3-3/4 in3-1/2 in

10 to 14-1/2 in

97 x 69 x 75 in4-3/4 in4-1/4 in
CNF400CNC10 to 15-3/4 in97 x 70 x 75 in5 in
4-3/4 in

When the job calls for multi-lengths and quantities, the HYDMECH C Series offers a ​miter range from 60° left to 45° right and is the ideal choice for quick, clean, accurate metal cutting.

In line with Hyd-Mech's policy of on-going product improvement, we reserve the right to modify features and specifications. Be aware that some options may not be available or are standard to the CE machines. Please check with us for option availability.

HYDMECH C Series Vertical Column Cold Saws