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Kaltenbach SKL 450 H Semi Automatic Circular Cold Saw for Aluminum

The SKL 450 H non-ferrous semi-automatic circular cold saw offers high performance and robust construction for one-off and small batch production. Precision cuts, excellent surface finish and speed are hallmarks of the SKL 450 H. An on-board PLC allows electronic adjustment of multiple machine parameters. A long-stroke vertical clamp enables the use of special clamping fixtures – so the SKL 450 H is an ideal machine to cut pre-bent tubes and other parts requiring special clamping. These machines can be equipped with a chip exhaust system to increase efficiency.


Standard features include:

  • Long-stroke, pneumatic vertical clamp
  • 18″ saw blade capacity (<6″ OD material)
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed, infinitely variable
  • Electronic blade height setting via pushbutton
  • Coolant atomizer
  • Kaltenbach up-stroking blade design
  • Interlocked safety hood
  • Semi-auto operation – one button ‘CLAMP-CUT-RETRACT-UNCLAMP’ cycle
  • PLC control panel


Productivity and efficiency can be are enhanced by fitting a Kentucky Gauge numerically controlled PD100 ‘pusher’ feed/measuring system.

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Kaltenbach SKL 450 H Semi Automatic Circular Cold Saw for Aluminum

Technical Data
Saw Blade Diameter
17.72 in / 450 mm
Power Standard: 3.7/4.7 kW
Cutting Speed 1.950/3.900 m/min
Weight 680 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40 x 51 x 79 in
Cutting Capacities
Round: 90°/45° 6.3 in / 160 mm
Square: 90° 5.7 in / 145 mm
Rectangle: 90°  320 x 50 mm

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