Technical Data
Saw Blade Diameter
15.75 in, 400 mm

Standard: 2.3/3.5 hp

High Speed Option: 5.0/6.0 hp

Frequency Drive Option: 5.4 hp

Cutting Speed

Standard: 40/80 to 60/120 SFM

High Speed Option: 120/240 SFM

Frequency Drive Option: 23 to 141 SFM

​Frequency Drive Option: 65 to 311 SFM

Weight3750 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H)102 x 47 x 70 in

* Reduced in automatic mode

Kaltenbach KKS 400 NA Automatic Circular Cold Saws

High-performance automatic circular cold sawing machine for ferrous (and non-ferrous) metals, sections and solids.  Widely used in manufacturing wherever fast, clean, accurate cuts are needed, particularly where surface finish is important.  Miter cuts are possible in semi-auto mode.  Ease of setup and use combine with durability and long-term reliability.  Tens of thousands of KKS cold saws have been supplied worldwide.

Standard features on the KKS400NA:

  • Hydraulic blade feed
  • Hydraulic clamping on both sides of the cut
  • NC programming of cut length and quantity
  • 40" stroke length - multiple stroke via NC

The Kaltenbach up-stroking blade principle provides several key advantages:

  • The blade immediately enters the cut for reduced cycle time
  • Coolant is applied to the blade below the table for less mess
  • Safe set-up with sawing components located below the table
  • ​Long blade life due to ultra robust gearbox and smooth hydraulic blade feed
Cutting Capacities
Round: 90°/45°5.1 in
Square: 90°4.7 in
Square: 45°4.3 in
Rectangle: 90° *12.0 x 0.8 in
Rectangle: 45° *9.6 x 1.1 in

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