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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

ISO 9001:2008




It's not every day that a manufacturer can make such a claim – and prove it! The all-new Kaltenbach KBS1051DG is the undisputed champion of the world in terms of speed in the sawing of structural steel sections. One or two companies have made this claim in the past … but with little hard evidence of how it can be done.

So, how does Kaltenbach do it? Well, it's no secret (the technology is patented).

The age-old problem is sawing structural sections is the enormous difference in the number of teeth in contact with the material through the cut … from just a couple teeth on initial contact with the flange(s) to virtually full width contact through the web. At some points the band is hopelessly under-utilized, while at others it is massively overloaded.

For decades designers of bandsawing machinery have tried setting the bow at different attack angles: anything from a shallow 3˚ to 15˚, to help achieve a more even cut. The problem is, each of these attack angles has pros and cons: the higher the angle, the more even the cut in terms of teeth in contact, certainly, but the further the band has to travel to make it through the section (starting from upper right to finishing lower left). The wider the beam, the greater the time penalty. A shallow angle does not substantially increase the travel path – but the ratio of teeth in the cut is much greater, so a feed regulation system must be incorporated to protect the band - which effectively slows down the cut.

The "ideal" would be a constantly adapting attack angle, but that was deemed impossible – until now, that is! Kaltenbach's VIT (Variable Incline Technology) seamlessly adapts the attack angle of the band as it progresses through the cut. Both problems are overcome: the number of teeth in contact with the material stays quite constant – and the cut path is kept to a minimum. The whole system is pre-programmed according to beam/column dimensions, so every beam and column is cut in the shortest possible time – while protecting the band.

The Kaltenbach KBS1051DG represents a quantum leap in structural sawing technology: click on the video button to see the results for yourself – and, no, the clip is NOT SPEEDED UP. This is real time!!!

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