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Technical Data
Minimum Plasma Thickness2 in
Maximum Oxy-fuel Thickness6 in
Maximum Material Weight1,000 lb/ft
Maximum Positioning Speed180 ft/min
Machine Weight16,000 lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W)10' x 11'


  • 48" x 24" material cutting window
  • Plasma scribing and marking
  • Combination laser and rack & pinion probe measuring
  • Fully automatic gas control
  • SICAM Software
  • ​Weld prep bevel:
    +/- 45 degree (plasma)
    +/- 60 degree (oxy-fuel)

Controlled Automation Revolution Coper

This robotic coping system has multiple tools to provide maximum flexibility.  It comes standard with both a high definition plasma torch and an oxy fuel torch.  The automated tool changer selects which tool to use based on the material thickness and design of the cope.