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Material ShapeRound
Max Load Length22 ft
Max Material Diameter6.625 in/6 in pipe
Number of Axes2-3
Machine Dimensions25 x 4 x 6 ft (LxWxH)
Machine Weight2000 lb

TPC 2100
Material ShapeRound, Square, Rectangle, Angle, Custom
Max Load Length24 ft
Max Material Diameter

Round 5.6 in/5 in pipe

Square 4 x 4 in

Number of Axes4-6
Machine Dimensions28 x 5 x 6 ft (LxWxH)
Machine Weight4000 lb

EMI Tube Processing Centers – Take the “grudge” out of a grudge job!

Tube and pipe are used extensively in the fabrication of frames, structures, handrails and in many other applications, thanks to a high strength-to-weight ratio. But anyone who has designed or fabricated handrails, for example, knows what a “hit and miss” affair it can be.  Manual measuring, sawing, deburring, notching grinding and endless “fettling” make this a “grudge job” …

… but not any more!

The EMI Tube Processing Center costs about 20% of even the least expensive laser systems, yet is 10 times as productive as traditional methods, with none of the aggravation.   American-made throughout – hardware and software – with full service and parts support.

EMI Tube Processing Centers cut by plasma using American-built HyperTherm torches and EMI “PieceMaker” software, which works seamlessly with TEKLA and other fabrication package, and takes all the guesswork and re-work out of these sometimes very tricky jobs.  Parts are cut fast, clean and – most importantly – extremely accurately.  No more grinding and fettling to make parts fit.  Simply take the weld-ready components straight to the welding table, and you’re good to go!  Tab and slot assemblies are easy to produce and save time in layout, fixturing and welding.  Holes, slots and weld-prep are created in line, simultaneously.

Two models are available: 2100EL for miscellaneous metal shops doing handrails and similar out of round tube/pipe, and the more advanced 2400 series, which works with ‘SOLIDWORKS’ and ‘SigmaTube’ software, and offers greater flexibility in respect of material shapes which can be processed.

Main Advantages of EMI TPCs over traditional methods:

  • -Weld-ready parts produced first time, every time
  • -150+ parts per hour
  • -Integrated batching and nesting
  • -Weep holes where you want them
  • -Any intersect angle, any diameter - no tool changes
  • -Create finished components (holes and everything) in one pass
  • -One-offs and small batch runs become profitable
  • -Unlimited storage for users programs

TPC 2100

TPC 2400