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ISO 9001:2008 Certified

ISO 9001:2008


Why SMS?

"50 Years of Metal Sawing and Steel Fabricating Machinery Experience"

Why SMSThat's it … in a nutshell. But what does it really mean to you: the customer? Like any industry, metal sawing and structural steel fabrication have undergone huge changes and seen countless developments over the years … particularly in recent times, with the introduction of fully CNC touchscreen controls and the virtually universal acceptance of the 'DSTV' interface in US fabricating, for example.

Today's manufacturing plants and steel fabrication shops are not "your grandfather's", or even your father's! In today's global marketplace technology holds the sway … and the key to success is not only knowing what technology is available, but knowing which technologies are applicable to your specific needs – then how to use those technologies to your best advantage. That's where SMS, Inc. comes in …

With a combined experience of over 50 years, Mike Drzewiecki and Dave McCorry have witnessed every major – and minor – turn in the metal sawing and steel fabricating machinery industries over the last three decades. They are not only aware of new developments, but fully understand the pros and cons of the broad range of machinery types and software options out there. Not every feature has a benefit for every application – far from it! – and unless you are well-informed, it's often difficult to know what features to focus on to increase throughput; reduce scrap; prolong tool life; enable unmanned operation; tighten tolerances; maximize material utilization; … and so the list goes on in the endless and complicated quest to reduce operating costs and maximize profit margins, while all the time meeting deadlines and keeping your customers happy. In the world of metal cutting and fabrication there is no universal answer …

An old adage states "Most people are too busy working to make a decent living" … at SMS, Inc. we understand that you probably haven't got the time to keep fully abreast of the latest developments in the machinery and software which is instrumental in making your living: but we do! We literally make it our business to know what technologies are available, determine which features and options can benefit you … and put a package of technology together to meet your specific needs, and provide maximum ROI.

Talk is cheap – and it's difficult to know who you can trust. Give us an hour of your time … and let us prove we are worthy of your business. We don't charge for our expertise. It's yours for the taking. Let us help you make money. That's our job, and we do it with honesty and integrity. If we can help: we'll show you how. If we can't … we'll say so.


Dave McCorry & Mike Drzewiecki – Co-owners of SMS, Inc.

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