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Controlled Automation DRL-344

Equipped with three heavy duty 20 hp spindles, this machine uses high performance spade and carbide tipped drills to good advantage, boosting your tons per hour. There is no waiting. Independent movement of the spindles in all axes allows each spindle to immediately move to its next hole without waiting for the other spindles to finish.


  • 200-1,200 variable spindle rpm
  • 24” independent spindle length travel
  • Electric AC servo / ball screw drill ​feed system
  • Automatic web location gaging & web depth hole compensation
  • Thru-spindle coolant system
  • #4 morse taper
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 1/32”​

Controlled Automation DRL-344

Technical Data
Minimum Material Width 4 in
Maximum Material Width 44 in
Minimum Material Height 1/4 in
Maximum Material Height 18 in
Maximum Hole Size
1-7/8 in with 15 hp motor
2-1/4 in with 20 hp motor
Maximum Material Weight 1,000 lb/ft
Maximum Feed Speed 5 in/sec
Power 20 hp
Machine Weight 38,000 lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 122 x 102 x 68 in


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