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Drill & Punch Lines

Controlled Automation

Drill & Punch Lines

Controlled Automation DRL-344

​Strength and high speed drilling combine to deliver unmatched productivity.

Controlled Automation DRL-348MT

This machine has been designed and engineered to provide the maximum productivity, while using less floorspace.

Controlled Automation DRL-348TC

This is a versatile drill system with a 5 station automated tool changer on each of the 3 spindles.


Controlled Automation PGD-814

A portable gantry style drilling machine, designed to provide fast and accurate multi-ply drilling of structural girders.


Controlled Automation BFC-530

CNC controlled beam punch line offering the ability to have shaped holes.


Controlled Automation Detail Line

This machine can process both flanges and base plates without limiting you on speedy production.


Structual Machinery Solutions

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