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Band Saws

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Kaltenbach KBS DG Double Miter Band Saws

The KBS DG range of dual column miter cutting band saws offers a unique combination of two-way miter cutting capability and large cutting envelope, even at very acute miter angles.

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Kaltenbach KBS DG NA Auto Miter Band Saws

The KBS DG NA range of horizontal band saws offer automatic feed from extra long infeed carriages and automatic miter cutting.

HYDMECH H Series Horizontal Band Saws

Horizontal, guillotine saws designed for multi-shift, high-production environments. This series provides exceptional cutting performance on a wide range of applications.


HYDMECH H XL Series Horizontal Band Saws

Tough machines offering extra large capacity to handle the demands of fabricators, steel service centers, machine shops, forging and die shops, and metal service centers.


HYDMECH S Series Horizontal Pivot Band Saws

The S-Series represents the first band saw to incorporate a swing head design for miter cutting. Exceptional miter cutting for light to medium duty applications.


HYDMECH V Series Horizontal Pivot Band Saws

These are heavy-duty, high-performance vertical tilt frame saws that have the flexibility for cutting two-way miters.


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