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Plate Processing Equipment

Controlled Automation

Plate Processing Equipment

Controlled Automation 2AT-175

A powerful plate punching machine to handle your largest plate needs.

Controlled Automation GPD-144

This drill achieves high metal removal rates for maximum productivity.

Controlled Automation BTD-8X

The most rugged wide combination drilling & thermal cutting plate machine.

Controlled Automation GPF-10X

Precision drilling & burning of longer and thicker parts than any pull-through designed machine‚Äč.

Controlled Automation ProMAX

The ProMAX is a compact unitized cutting system which offers the smallest footprint for plate cutting.

Controlled Automation PlasMAX

This unique all aluminum gantry design offers high speed plasma cutting for the most critical tolerance parts.

Controlled Automation MultiMAX

The MultiMAX is a shape cutting machine that can be equipped with a varying number of plasma and/or oxy-fuel torches.

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