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Controlled Automation DRL-348MT

The DRL-348MT is a mid-size high production drill constructed of a rigid plate steel box frame giving it the strength to handle the heaviest of beams. Each 20 hp variable speed spindle has our servo ball screw feed technology.


  • High-speed carbide, spade, or twistbit drilling
  • Simultaneous multi-axis drilling
  • Proportional valve controlled hydraulic positioning system
  • ​Thru-spindle coolant system
  • #4 Morse drill spindle taper​
  • Controlled Automation’s SICAM operating software®
  • Soft Touch Material Sensing®
  • Bit Breakthrough Technology®
  • Overthrust Protection®
  • Tip Angle Compensator®
  • Partial Hole Feed Correction®
  • Editable Drill Tool Database for all types of drill tooling
  • Material Flange Probing for Web Holes

Controlled Automation DRL-348MT

Technical Data
Minimum Material Width 4 in
Maximum Material Width 44 in
Minimum Material Height 1/4 in
Maximum Material Height 18 in
Maximum Hole Size
1-7/8 in with 15 hp motor
2-1/4 in with 20 hp motor
Maximum Material Weight 1,000 lb/ft
Maximum Feed Speed 5 in/sec
Power 20 hp
Machine Weight 38,000 lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 122 x 102 x 68 in


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