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Controlled Automation GPF-10X

The GPF-10X is a combination drilling & thermal cutting plate machine with a wide capacity, large horsepower spindle, 400amp plasma and the added option of a 10-station drill tool changer. This machine offers precision drilling & burning of longer and thicker parts than any pull-through designed machine with the capablility of automatically changing tools for the best choice in versatility on multiple hole sizes.


  • High speed carbide drilling
  • Through spindle coolant
  • ​High definition plasma
  • Oxy-fuel torch station
  • ​Auto adjusted gas flows, pressures, and amperages
  • Dual AC servo rail drive system
  • Helical rack and pinions to reduce cogging and vibration
  • SICAM software​

Controlled Automation GPF-10X

Technical Data
Minimum Material Width in
Maximum Material Width 10 ft
Minimum Material Length in
Maximum Material Length 124 ft
Maximum Material Height ​6 in
Maximum Drilled Hole Size

2-1/4 in

Positioning Accuracy ± 0.007 in
Power 20 hp
Machine Weight lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) in


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