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Controlled Automation MultiMAX

We designed the MultiMAX cutting machine for up to a maximum of 12 cutting tools on a single gantry for maximum speed and efficiency. This shape cutting machine can be equipped with a varying number of plasma and/or oxyfuel torches, each available with automatic gas control.


  • ​Rigidly constructed tubular steel gantry
  • High definition cutting​
  • Advanced Dual-Side AC Servo Drive System
  • Wide range of cutting surface options
  • Helical rack and pinions reduce cogging and vibration
  • SICAM software​
  • User friendly

Controlled Automation MultiMAX

Technical Data
Minimum Material Width 6 ft
Maximum Material Width 24 ft
Minimum Material Length 13 ft
Maximum Material Length 163 ft
Maximum Material Height ​12 in
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.007 in
Machine Weight lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) in


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