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Controlled Automation PGD-814

The PGD-814 is a portable gantry style drilling machine, designed to provide fast and accurate multi-ply drilling of structural girders without the use of pre-drilled templates. This machine is offered in a vertical spindle drilling model or a horizontal spindle drilling model. The PGD-814 can be mounted to optional leg and wheel assemblies making it easy to reposition along any length after each drilling operation is completed.


  • High performance carbide, spade, or twist bit drilling
  • Brushless AC servo / ball screw drill feed system
  • Dual-side independent rail axis drive package
  • Thru-spindle air-mist coolant system
  • #4 morse taper drill tool holder
  • Allen-Bradley Lifeline Safety perimeter
  • Laser pointer to skew hole patterns & find start location
  • Operator pendant for ease of operation
  • Quick disconnect for controller & power
  • Controlled Automation’s SICAM software
  • Easily networked

Controlled Automation PGD-814

Technical Data
X Axis Material Window 14 ft
Y Axis Material Window 8 ft
Stroke Length 24 in
Maximum Drillable Thickness 10 in
Maximum Hole Size
2-1/2 in
Maximum Thrust 4500 lb
Maximum Advance Speed 600 in/min
Power 20 hp
Positioning Accuracy Single Axis +/- .007 in
Positioning Accuracy Coordinate Axis
+/- .015 in
Machine Weight lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) in


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