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Controlled Automation PlasMAX

The unitized PlasMAX cutting system differs from any other plate cutting machine produced by Controlled Automation with its unique all aluminum gantry design for the highest speed accelerations between parts. This allows the PlasMAX to not only cut faster than any other system, but produce the most critically accurate plasma cut parts possible.


  • ​High definition plasma​
  • Advanced Dual-Side AC Servo Drive System
  • Integrated smart tool holder
  • Easy access pull-out trays for quick clean-up
  • SICAM software​
  • User friendly

Controlled Automation PlasMAX

Technical Data
Minimum Material Width in
Maximum Material Width 6 or 8 ft
Minimum Material Length 4 ft
Maximum Material Length 30 ft
Maximum Material Height ​4 in
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.007 in
Machine Weight lb
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) in


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