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Controlled Automation Tee Straightener

Whether making profiles with shears, plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting – having Tees straight are big issue for steel fabricators. We have the solution! The Tee-Straighener will take care of any warp, camber or skew in your tees fast and easy.


  • Easy installation and set up
  • 20 feet of infeed and outfeed included
  • Manual operator controls
  • Quick pass-through method
  • ​Rugged design

Controlled Automation Tee Straightener

Technical Data
Maximum Capacity 14 x 37 in
Maximum Thickness 13/16 in
Maximum Length Any
Maximum Material Width 44 in
Maximum Speed 140 in/min
Machine Height 62-1/2 in
Machine Weight 5229 lb

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