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Controlled Automations Transfer Systems

Controlled Automations Transfer Systems

Features include:

  • Designed to fit new or existing equipment
  • Dramatically speed up any production line
  • AC or DC motor drive systems
  • Full control over material from the machine console
  • Increase safety by reducing the use of overhead cranes


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Air-Lift Buggies

The Air-Lift Buggy is a simple, yet rugged design, built for constant use.  It provides full flexibility and control for the lateral transfer of structural materials.  Internal air bags are used to raise the material while the transferring is chain driven.  Each conveyor line has a buggy that will lift using air bags and move each piece of material over the roller conveyor before lowering it.  Each buggy has its own air bag lift assembly allowing them to be raised in split groups.  This aids in nesting the material without loss of storage space.  This transfer is also used when moving material over a central roller conveyor to a third roller conveyor.

​This system is designed for heavy loads of material up to 44 inches wide and available in 3500 lb, 7200 lb, or 8500 lb models.

Drag-Style System

This is our most popular and economical transfer system due to its simplicity and ease of use. The main design is a spring powered ‘ducking-dog’ type of pulling system driven by a chain pulling the pieces against the datum line of the infeed or outfeed rollers. The transfer can then be reversed, ‘ducking’ the pulling mechanism under the next piece. Once there, the ‘ducking-dog’ then pops up ready to engage the next part for production.

Chain-Arm System

This transfer conveyor is the most desired system. There are two independent sections of this system. First is the storage stage where all of the material is moved at one time until it comes to the second stage. This stage is where one piece at a time may be lifted off, moved over the roller conveyor and lowered. This allows complete control by the operator. The material is stored and moved on top of a chain so it runs very quietly.

Single Chain Lift-Arm System

The single chain conveyor provides the same function as the Chain-Arm conveyor with the pivot lifting the material up and over the rolls. This conveyor is exactly what the name implies, a single chain arm that moves the material. This system is ideal for a simple infeed or outfeed when there is no need to transfer between two roller conveyors.

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