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HYDMECH H-14A Horizontal Band Saw

The H-14A is an automatic horizontal band saw ideal for high production, straight cutting. This machine uses less energy than competing models and provides the lowest decibel sound in the sawing industry. The swing away PLC, touch screen control is programmable for up to 100 jobs with 20 in queue.


  • Spilt front vise allows for short remnant length
  • Full capacity, full stroking hydraulic vises
  • Electronic band tensioning with digital readout
  • On-demand hydraulics
  • Blade deviation monitor
  • Blade breakage switch
  • ​​Out of stock switch

HYDMECH H-14A Horizontal Band Saw

Technical Data
Saw Blade Size
15′ 2″ x 1-1/4″
Power 8.8 hp
Blade Speed
 49-380 sfm
Single Stroke Length ​24 in
Weight 6172 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) 63 x 88 x 78 in
Cutting Capacities
Rectangular 90° 14 x 14 in
Round 90° 14 in

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