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Kaltenbach Magazine &​ Roller Conveyor Systems

Kaltenbach Magazine &​ Roller Conveyor Systems

T3 Modular Roller Conveyors

Designed specifically for KKS & SKL machinery, but also available separately. These versatile conveyors can be used for input or output on both semi-automatic and automatic machines with ferrous and non-ferrous ranges of equipment. The operating width is 330mm.

L 45 E Manual Length Stop

This system provides high measuring accuracy for precise cuts through manual adjustment of the measuring length via ruler and vernier. The L 45 E is available in left and right-hand models and extendable in units of 1 or 2 meters. These units are primarily supplied with our semi-automatic machines.

FM 1 Automatic Flat Magazine

This is the most universal version designed for pre-storage of round and rectangular material in addition to profiles. Bars are drug forward in individual compartments to a powered infeed roller conveyor which then transports the bars into the machine.

LM 1 Automatic Inclined Loading Magazine

This system is designed exclusively for identical round or rectangular materials and provides an economical method for loading solids or tubing into our automatic circular cold saws. A single raft of material is created on the inclined stillage arms then bars are hydraulically lifted onto the infeed roller. Available in left and right-hand models.

VM Automatic Bundle Magazine

This system offers processing for entire bundles of identical round or rectangular materials. The bundle magazine includes a descrambling unit which pre-aligns the material. Bars are hydraulically lifted onto the infeed roller and then driven into the machine. Available in left and right-hand models.

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