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Kaltenbach KKS 400/450 Universal Semi-Automatic Circular Cold Saws

Up-stroking cold saw machines that are widely used wherever fast, clean, accurate, straight and miter cuts are needed.

Kaltenbach KKS 400/450 Circular Cold Saws for Exhaust Trimming/Fixtured Jobs

Robust, circular cold saw primarily for ferrous (but also non-ferrous) metals.

Kaltenbach KKS 461 NA Automatic CNC Circular Cold Saws

This machine combines high performance and efficient miter cutting with simplicity of operation.

Kaltenbach SKL 450 NA Automatic Circular Cold Saws for Aluminum

High performance, robust construction, precision, speed and good surface finish for large volume production runs of non-ferrous metals.

Kaltenbach HDM Circular Saws

Designed for the structural fabricator and/or the steel service center, the HDM range of circular cold saws combine ultra heavy-duty construction with control sophistication.

Kaltenbach Magazine &‚Äč Roller Conveyor Systems

A wide range of material handling equipment for circular saws.

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