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Kaltenbach SKL 450 NA Automatic Circular Cold Saw for Aluminum

The SKL 450 NA non-ferrous automatic circular cold saw offers high performance and robust construction for large volume production. Precision cuts, excellent surface finish and speed are hallmarks of the SKL 450 NA. NC control (cut length and batch size) is standard, as is long-stroke vertical clamping spanning both sides of the blade to ensure clean cuts and reduce vibration. These machines can be equipped with an automatic loading magazine, and chip exhaust unit for a highly efficient system.


Standard features include:

  • 18″ saw blade capacity (6″ material)
  • Numerical control of cut length and batch size
  • Hydro-pneumatic blade feed, infinitely variable
  • Electronic blade height setting
  • Coolant atomizer system
  • Kaltebach up-stroking blade design
  • Pneumatic vertical clamp
  • Interlocked safety hoods over infeed and cutting area


Productivity and efficiency are enhanced with the use of our handling equipment. Kaltenbach manufactures three different styles of automatic loading magazines to increase the efficiency of our automatic circular cold saws: flat, inclined, and bundle.

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Kaltenbach SKL 450 NA Automatic Circular Cold Saw for Aluminum

Technical Data
Saw Blade Diameter
17.72 in, 450 mm
Power Standard: 5.0/6.0 hp
Cutting Speed 7700/15400 SFM
Weight 3300 lb
Dimensions (L x W x H) 106 x 58 x 75 in
Cutting Capacities
Round: 90°/45° 6.3 in
Square: 90° 5.7 in
Square: 45° 4.3 in
Rectangle: 90°  12.5 x 2.0 in
Rectangle: 45°  9.8 x 1.6 in

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