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Kentucky Gauge PD100

The PD100 saves time and money with quick and precise positioning. The pneumatic Auto-brake, located directly on the moving carrier, locks in the stop position eliminating slip and motor load. With its precision steel guide and hardened double ball bearings, the moving carrier is built to last. The system also features a servo motor with a precision rack and pinion to ensure fast, accurate positioning with no backlash.


PD100 Heavy Duty Automatic Stop / Pushing System

• Easy retrofit to existing or selected conveyors and tables 
• Magnetic linear encoder for direct measuring 
• Steel faceplate with manual arm lift, adjustable in X / Y / Z directions
• Position controller for single position with manual mode, inch/ 
  metric conversion and automatic arm retract
• Control stand (free standing)
• Left or right side mounting

• Travel speed: 20in/sec, others available upon request
• Repeatability: +/- 0.001in (+/- 0.03mm)
• Encoder accuracy: +/- 0.001in/ft (+/- 0.1mm/m)
• Total length: measuring length + 26in
• Brake force: 2,000N with Pneumatic brake option


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